The Forest Was Where Her Passion For Scent Began.

Hollow Tree 1871 first took root in the remote Forests of British Columbia. Inspired by the majestic Forests of the Pacific Northwest, handcrafted in small batches within the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia.

Hollow Tree is inspired by a young girl who loved exploring the outdoors driven by creative passion exploring British Columbia’s backcountry. Tree planting and hiking led to a lifelong passion to protect the Forest and it’s ecosystems.

Learning about trees and loving them she became a connoisseur of the Forests enchanted with the idea of preserving and sharing the sense and scents of the West Coast Wilderness. Each year new senses were activated as new scents were discovered in alpines meadows, Forest groves, verdant valleys within the Coastal Mountains of the rugged Pacific West Coast.



Hollow Tree’s candles were created not only in the hope of expressing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but also in preservation of it and the rest of the world. We use only the finest scents and ingredients after years of research. Every effort has gone to make this candle environmentally friendly, going so far as to ensure that we don’t use soy or paraffin, but instead coconut wax which has less allergens and is produced from much more sustainable methods of farming. Our oils come from Grasse, France and are made purely from plant distillation, there are no manufactured, fake or synthetic scents involved. Down to our packaging, which is made from recycled paper, using no trees, and a ceramic (silica) jar that breaks down easily into soil, Hollow Tree is set on creating a product that not only does more for you, but for the environment as well. Our burn time is 60 hours, and our cost is only $30US/$40CAN, with profit not being at the forefront of our mind, we hope that an environmentally-friendly, economically-viable and beautifully made candle will grace your home and your memories for years to come. Many Forested Thanks.


Hollow Tree is about sharing the love and the magic of the Pacific West Coast’s impossible fairy tale Forests with you.

It’s a way for us and for you to share the stories of ancient trees and astonishing seedlings, whether you’ve visited the West Coast Forests yourself or have only experienced them through pictures and postcards.

Tree ring by tree ring, Hollow Tree was created out of a love for British Columbia. A love cultivated by decades of exploration, adventure, and a never ending wonderment in the Forests of BC. Let The Adventure Begin

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