The raw materials used to create Hollow Tree products are inspired from forests laden lands with centuries of old growth giants towering over the Pacific Northwest.

We set out to curate and create the ultimate olfactory experience.

Our oils originate from France, where we work with master perfumers; the best suppliers in the world with the purest of scent notes.

Each scent note represents an elegance that resembles the backcountry of the Pacific Northwest.

Set out to discover and explore, indulge your senses.

Wax & Wick

Each hand-poured candle is a blend of our proprietary premium coconut wax specifically created and amalgamated by wax experts for Hollow Tree.

The wicks are cotton which burn significantly cleaner and longer. Burn time is 60 hours.

Ceramic Jar

Hollow Tree advocates luxury craftmanship, our ceramic containers are elegantly designed demonstrating the art of handmade and premium design with a touch of the West Coasts.

Each candle is hand poured in our studio in Whistler nestled in the temperate rainforest of the west coast.

Our jars are recyclable; you can re purpose your jars with a plant or a place to rest your paintbrushes, or you can break it down in to small pieces and place in the soil of your plants as it helps to aerate the soils.

Created with the Environment in Mind