Fragrance Never Forgets

Set out to explore a luxurious olfactory adventure,

Hollow Tree – inspired by the iconic landmark in Stanley Park, Vancouver – an 800 year old Western Red Cedar tree, the provincial tree of British Columbia.

As a former forester planting trees throughout the mountains and valleys of the Pacific Northwest, she discovered her passion for trees; the sanctuary they provided, the scents they gave off, the inspiration they created.

She spent many years exploring the forests in British Columbia and has gathered her stories and articulated them in an art form, creating a line of pure beautiful candles.

Hollow Tree scents are distilled in France – the birth- place of scent, to provide the ultimate olfactory experience.

For years, she has been working with exquisite French perfumers in Grasse, France to mix memories of the forest into scents.

Each scent was created to represent the ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.


The Art of Being in Nature is the Art of Living

And every Hollow Tree candle is a living example of that art.


Handpoured in Whistler, Canada