International Orders

International Orders

HOLLOW TREE DOES SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. We would be pleased to receive an email with your shipping info and planned order. We will give you a general idea of the costs. Once you order we will fine tune that before we accept payments and ship.

For example. when shipping internationally, we do not charge any taxes on the products shipped. We only ship by air to ensure that your candle is not exposed to a long transit and is kept in a climate controlled environment. We are able to provide specific shipping costs once we know your shipping address. Because freight charges can be quite high for candles, we are able to give a general idea of what costs you may encounter for orders of one to six candles.

While shipping just one candle is very expensive, shipping a few more can lower the per candle cost significantly. Some customers have chosen to collaborate with friends to join their orders with each partner in the order received candles with lower freight costs

The following is an example only (and subject to change for specific orders) for shipping from Whistler to the Pacific Rim by air with a five to seven day transit time.

In each case the cost of each candle is $42 CAD (taxes included)

The cost of freight is highly variable based on volume and weights of the package

Freight costs for one candle costs $45 CAD

For two candles, freight costs decline to $26 CAD for each candle

For three candles, freight costs decline to $19 CAD for each candle, and

For six candles, freight costs decline to $14 CAD per candle

If you wish to proceed to an order, please follow this process:

1/ Take a look at our website for the candles and descriptions.

2/ Make your choices of candles and numbers and send them to including your name, full shipping address (building or number, street, town, province, country and postal code

3/ We will send you a quote specific for your order and email that to you for confirmation of the order

4/ We will send you an invoice for payment for confirmed orders

5/ Once you pay the invoice we will ship with a courier within 3 business days

Air freight transit time is about 5 to 8 days. If there are any importation taxes or duties are payable by the customer.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact

We look forward to getting one or more of our candles to you as soon as possible