Forests Are Libraries, Share Their Stories

Library of Trees celebrates the majestic Forests of the Pacific Northwest, inspired by the Provincial Tree of British Columbia, the western red cedar. The Pacific Northwest is iconic with its host of Trees, its diversity of hardwoods and softwoods – hosting some of the most beautiful ecosystems. Library of Trees is about sharing the stories of legendary trees with you. #LearnToSpeakTree

Walk On Forest Floors, Dance Barefoot In The Rain

Splendour Sine Occasu – Splendour Without Diminishment

Our 1871 series evoke the scents during the era of pioneers and prospectors. 1871 is when BC joined Confederation. Ushered in by our second Premier; Amor de Cosmos and that is why we have the railroad to the Pacific.  Amor negotiated that British Columbia would join the Dominion only if a railroad was built. The Railroad was paramount and historical for the Dominion Of Canada and it took 10 years to reach the Pacific.

Set Your Sights Westwardly Bound

Our Backpacker series evokes the ethereal scents embraced with intricate notes – inspired by the backcountry trails of British Columbia.  Showcasing the West Coast wilderness trails and iconic vistas, which are nestled in the Backpackers series. The ultimate experience through scents.

Let The Adventure Begin