Forests Are Libraries, Share Their Stories

Library of Trees celebrates the majestic Forests of the Pacific Northwest, inspired by the Western Red Cedar – the provincial tree in British Columbia. The Pacific Northwest is iconic with its host of Trees, its diversity of hardwoods and softwoods – and its truly has some of the most beautiful ecosystems. Library of Trees is about sharing the stories of legendary trees with you. #LearnToSpeakTree

Walk On Forest Floors, Dance Barefoot In The Rain

Splendour Sine Occasu

Hollow Tree’s 1871 series evokes the scents during an era of pioneers and prospectors exploring and prospecting in British Columbia.

BC joined Confederation in 1871. Ushered in by our Father of Confederation and our second Premier: Amor De Cosmos. Amor negotiated that British Columbia would join the Dominion only if the Railroad was built to the Pacific.

The Railroad was paramount and historical for the Dominion of Canada and it took 10 years for the Railroad to reach the Pacific Ocean. Amor also created the first forestry, farming and fisheries policy in 1872. A Pioneer on landuse policy.

Splendor Without Diminishment ~ BC’s Provincial Motto.

Fragrance Never Forgets

Hollow Tree’s Botanical series is inspired by the timeless elegance of the Fireweed; a plant that is the first to grow after a forest fire, glistening her pink hues upon the forest floors, through such devastation can come such intricate beauty.
Tiny seeds of the fireweed plant ride the winds like parachutes, where fate carries them, each beginning a delicate life.

The Botanical series evokes the sublime elegance of the west coast flora and fauna. From the scintillating alpine meadows, through the verdant valleys of the coastal mountains, transcending the luxurious tones of the Coastal Wolf, to the earthy sweet bark resins of the Kermode Bear, embraced by the subtle hues of the Raven, seduced within the pink florets of the Fireweed.


Scents Make Memories, Memories Make Magic

Hollow Tree’s Backpacker series is inspired by where we live, the Pacific Northwest, from the trails we trekked upon to the adventures yet to be explored.

The Backpacker series evokes the intricate scents of British Columbia’s backcountry. British Columbia is legendary for her beauty, elements of nature wrapped within her glacial waters and majestic rainforest, the thread that connects us all from sea to sky.

Enchanted by the painted strokes of charcoal upon the Black Tusk, to the scenic alpine of Brandywine Meadows, forged by the textured granite of the iconic Shannon Falls descending upon the sweet poetry of notes within Trails End, mesmerized by the west coast wilderness vistas and endless adventures of Canoe. Discover the beauty of British Columbia’s backcountry nestled within a Hollow Tree candle.

Let The Adventure Begin