About Hollow Tree

The Forest Was Where Her Passion For Scent Began.

Hollow Tree first took root in the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the majestic forests, handcrafted in small batches within the coastal mountain temperate rainforests  in Whistler.

Hollow Tree is about sharing the love, and the magic of the Pacific West Coast impossible fairy tale forests, with you.

Its a way for us and you to share the stories of ancient trees and astonishing seedlings, whether you’ve visited the west coast forests yourself of have only experienced them through pictures.

Tree ring by tree ring, Hollow Tree was created out of a love for British Columbia. A love cultivated by decades of exploration, adventure, and a never ending wonderment of the BC forests.


“The Art Of Being In Nature Is The Art Of Living”

Our Candles

“Forests Are Libraries Share Their Stories”